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Thank you for your interest in taking on a leadership position. We are looking forward to working alongside other driven student entrepreneurs to build a powerful club.  

Check out the positions below and apply to the ones you're interested in!

Director applicants would select the VP they want to work with. 


*Board members will also get a free professional headshot for their own use*


  • Facilitate board meetings

  • Keep in contact with the club advisor

  • Recruit executive board 

  • Lead and delegate duties to respective board members 

  • Keep in contact with CSUN MIC and Clubs & Orgs 

  • Participate in biweekly Leaders In Alliance meetings

  • Assist the board and guide them to completing duties

Vice President

  • Acts as President during any absence or when needed 

  • Helps with executive board recruitment

  • Maintains the relationship of the executive board

  • Shadows the club President

VP of Finance

  • Find sponsors for events

  • Manage the club’s agency account

  • In charge of fundraisers

  • Handle all matters with AS Accounting

Director of Communications

  • Help summarize main points of each panel speaker event

  • Co-write articles/Work as a group or Co-VP of Communications

  • Research terms for website articles

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