with special guest Scott McKeon, BSCE

Co-Founder of Espresso Displays, Featured on Forbes and TechCrunch

Thursday, November 5 | 4pm

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What to expect

As we continue to progress further into the 21st century, our social lives, business opportunities, schooling, etc. have become increasingly interconnected through the internet thanks to the advancement of technology. Learn more about Technology startups, their supply chains, and more with our guest speaker Scott McKeon.

Scott McKeon,  BSCE

Scott is the Co-Founder of Australian Hardware Startup Espresso Displays. He studied Civil Engineering at University of Technology, Sydney alongside his Co-Founder Will Scuderi.

Espresso Displays creates hardware products to enable people to work productively, anywhere. Their first product is an ultra-thin touchscreen monitor, that has raised over AU$650,000 in pre-sales, won industry awards, and has featured in Forbes and TechCrunch.

Thursday, November 5th