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Founded in 2018, as the CSUN Startup Founders and now known as the CSUN Entrepreneurship Club

Our mission is to provide a supportive entrepreneurial environment on campus and through Zoom, allowing students to learn, share, and succeed in business. To educate and encourage your business endeavors, we increase creative thinking, teamwork, and entrepreneurial resources. We organize networking events, study rooms, fundraisers, and mentorship opportunities around campus. Together, we can inspire new entrepreneurs, support businesses, and reshape your thinking.


We are Leaders!

With our talented and diverse network of alumni and faculty enables us to have a greater support as we grow. Turning ideas into startups with a complete hand of assistance.

We are Creators!

The CSUN Entrepreneurship Club is dedicated to maximizing student potential. We educate our members with the most comprehensive knowledge to date of the startup ecosystem and venture processes in and outside of campus. Equipping them with a concrete set of skills sourced from diverse community.

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We are Family!

We all come from a variety of majors and backgrounds in a university that diversifies us all. We have and continue to succeed together through the challenges we all face.

We are Founders!

From various experiences join together to pursue success and innovation. Connect with other students, share your experiences, and offer support as we work to make our ideas a reality. We are more than a few people; we are a community of motivated founders working toward a brighter future.

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CSUN knows that each student is at a different stage of their entrepreneurial journey, so we support initiatives that supply you with an open opportunity to push you forward as a student & builds you as an Entrepeneur to new heights.

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Designed to jumpstart the academic summer by fostering a hybrid 9-week program in which students create pitch decks and understand the technicalities that require to start an innovation as engaged CSUN students and graduates.

The CSUN Bull Ring is an annual pitch competition presented by the Entrepreneurship department to develop innovative, imperative and creative thinking in you all. Any student from any field, with any background or skill level, is welcome to participate. You have a fantastic opportunity to network with mentors and venture capitalists, attend workshops, and explore resources on and off campus to help you.

The CSUN Fast Pitch is a smaller pitch competition designed to connect you with the best mentors to assist you in becoming aware of any pre-technicalities of knowing how to present in front of investors before getting on the CSUN Bull Ring Competition.

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The Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) is a global network of campus leaders from all CSUs, USCs, and private universities. It is capable of connecting with any entrepreneurial group around you. It offers sponsorships and additional resources to kickstart your venture or leadership journey.

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